Direct Foodstore: Dirty Wagyu Burger

Wanna cook your own dirty burger? Let’s face it, who wouldn’t….?


The possibilities are endless, but at Direct Foodstore we can certainly help you out.


Start by grilling your burger. While this is cooking on the first side re-heat pulled pork in your favourite BBQ sauce (this can be done in a microwave or in a pan). Flip the burger, top with pulled pork and then either a slice of cheese or grated cheese. At this point cover your burger(s) with an upside down metal bowl or roasting tray. What this does is to trap heat & steam which helps to melt the cheese & cook the burger before it dries out. Brush your buns with melted butter & grill until warm & toasty.


Now it’s time to build. The centre piece is that gorgeous pile of beef, pork, sauce & cheese. The rest is up to your imagination or what is to hand- fried egg, pickles, more sauce? Some people might even put salad in it….


Bottom line, if this doesn’t run half way down your arms when eating, it ain’t dirty enough and you need to try again.