Dingley Dell Bavarian Style Pork Burger in bun

*Frozen* Dingley Dell Bavarian Style Pork Burger 172g (8 Pack)

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There's more than meets the eye with Dingley Dell Pork and their range of phenomenal Pork products. The Suffolk based growers are true advocates of sustainability and animal welfare and this is reflected in the obvious quality and superb taste of their Pork.  A Suffolk based, outdoor farm, the story of Dingley Dell Pork is impressive from start to finish, from their tireless efforts on-farm, their endeavours to protect the British countryside and the natural wildlife that inhabits it, to their wonderful produce and diverse product range. We can assure our customers that you will not be disappointed with any Dingley Dell products which arrive in your order.

Units Description
1 Pack (8 per pack) *Frozen* Dingley Dell Bavarian Style Pork Burger 172g
85vl Pork (49.5%), 85vl Smoked Pork (49.5%), Salt, Ground Black Pepper, Caraway Seeds, Dried Marjoram, Dried Parsley, Garlic Powder, Wholegrain Mustard